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龙 蕾

姓 名:龙 蕾
民 族:汉
籍 贯:北京
生 日:1月31曰
星 座:水瓶
身 高:177cm
体 重:52kg
三 围:86cm(Bust)/60cm(Waist)/89cm(Hip)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bechstein's 'W. Hoffmann' Pianos

Showcase Pianos now making W. Hoffmann pianos available at its stores.

The "W. Hoffmann" is completely made in Europe by Bechstein. Prices start at $7,900 for an upright, and at $25,900 for a grand. This is great news for piano lovers that has a tight budget (Baring second handed or third handed).

(Above) Taiwanese music artist Kenji chose this yellow-painted upright Hoffman piano which lights up the eyes for sure.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Krause Berry Farm

We were up early to get to the Kraus Berry Farm in Langley. The weather is perfect, not too sunny with cool breezes to help out. The drive took us close to an hour and if you know me, you know I am half-asleep by the time I got there.

It is my first time to a berry farm. Why? Because I blame laziness and it would have prevailed still if not for my late card session yesterday that I felt I needed to make it up to Sharon somehow.

There we were picking berries, eating the delicious corn pizzas and berry pies, feeding the pets and enjoying the festive atmosphere where face-painted kids were running around abundantly. I didn't even think it would be that much fun, but it was. And of course, the blue and rasp berries we picked were so cheap, with almost two baskets costing us less than $10 (in the market, it would cost us easilyover $25).

I would recommend that you come with your family or friends because it is more fun as a group. And anyways, I got wondering how long this good weather is going to last, because we haven't have any rain for quite some time already.



记得小时候沉迷于“Magic”游戏时,每天都回花不少钱买不同的牌组,希望能抽到更好的牌成组。其实“三国杀”基本上也是一样, 其上瘾程度是一样的。


Friday, July 16, 2010

Iphone 4 Press Conference

In a nutshell, Steve Jobs is going down the list of factors for the recent antenna complaints: Smartphones have weakspots, AppleCare has not been slammed with complaints, return rates are super low, and it only drops "less than 1" call per 100 more than the 3GS. He has also promised to give free protective cases to new Iphone 4 buyers to alleviate the so-called “death grip” problem: holding the phone with a bare hand can muffle the wireless signal.

Iphone 4 conference livefeed
The message of this conference seems to be the reiterated declaration by Steve that "We are not perfect." and "We have a return policy." which translate to "If you are not happy with what you get, return it.".

It is what it is, if you want an Iphone, you have to live with the pros and cons.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HP Photosmart C309a

Today, I went to Costco to purchase the HP C309a multifunction Printer. Needless to say having instant rebate of $140 on the price tag of $309.99 is an instant eye-catcher, but I decided upon it after reading its cool reviews.

These newer devices are coming into their own as a quality option for printing and scanning. The HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One is a combination Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copy device. Unlike many devices in this category, the Fax All-in-One uses individual ink tanks and offers photo quality printing on glossy and luster surface papers. The printer has built-in duplex, or double sided printing, and includes wireless, USB, and Ethernet in the standard configuration. The HPFax All-in-One goes a step further and also includes Bluetooth as a standard feature.

You can use the HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One without a computer if you like. The color LCD gives you access to all features, and a very well laid out control panel makes it easy to select which options you want. For printing photos directly, you'll work directly from a memory card using the built-in card reader that supports SD, CF, Memory Stick, and xD cards. You can also connect a PICTBidge compatible device via the provided port.

The HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One uses a five ink system - pigment black for text, cyan, magenta, yellow, and photo black for photo printing. The inks are HP's Vivera and available in two sizes. The XL size gives you about 2.5 times the prints at less than twice the cost, making it a much more effective way to print.

The HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One does have an automatic document feeder, so if you have several pages to scan, you'll appreciate this feature. At high quality, a scan takes about 12 minutes to complete.

The primary reason you'll be looking at one of these devices though is most likely the printing. The HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One includes automatic duplex printing, making it easy to print on both sides of the page, and is reasonably fast at printing normal documents. The key though is photo printing and the quality level generated and, in this area, the printers did a very good job.

Another unique feature to the HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One is the iPrint Photo application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The app uses the BlueTooth connection to let you print any image on your iPhone or iPod directly to the printer.

The HP 564XL Black ink cartidge is about $35 and can do approx. 250 pages. The 564 color combo ink cartridge is about $27 for approx. 300 pages. All in all reasonable prices.

Rex, the robotic exoskeleton

It took 7 years and $10 million but the Rex exoskeleton which is capable of supporting the full weight of a person and moving him or her around in a familiar bipedal fashion is finally ready. Operated using a joystick and control pad, it is simple enough for handicapped users to self-transfer in and out of, effectively making their dream of walking a reality.

It's about to go on sale in New Zealand, its home country this year, with an international launch following in 2011. But such a sophisticated equipment does not come cheap. Estimated initial asking price of $150,000 (US) is high but then how do you value the chance to walk?

So I guess the million dollar question is how do you make it more accessible to the public instead of limiting it to the few with the financial means.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

David Stern on LBJ, the Decision and Dan Gilbert


Dan Gilbert just got fined $100,000 for his reaction to Lebron's decision to leave Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami Heat. Ouch!! As if losing millions after Lebron left isn't enough.

I still retain my position that LBJ has played the whole world as a publicity stunt and even though he is a great basketball player, he has disappointed me as a person.

As for David Stern, his reaction has shown that he remains protective of the public face of the NBA - LBJ. Period.

Stern: LeBron's The Decision was ill-advised. No fine.
Stern: Dan Gilbert's letter was ill-advised and imprudent. $100,000 fine.
Stern: Jesse Jackson's comments are outrageous. No problem, he is a friend of the family, NBA cares after all, you know.

Consumer Reports Confirms iPhone 4 Defect


All the weird reports of how if you touch the left side of the phone, there will be signal loss. The signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection altogether if you're in an area with a weak signal.

In response to related complaints from customers, Apple released a statement on July 2 claiming the problem was not one of reception, but of faulty software which “mistakenly displays two more bars than it should for a given signal strength.”

Apple has yet to respond to the Consumer Reports confirmation of Iphone 4 defect and its stock has continued to suffer.

Despite its signal defect, Iphone 4 is still ahead of its competition and is easily the best smart phone on the market or coming out for that matter. Its sharp display and video camera capabilities are remarkable. It is simply beautiful to hold. And for those who are worried about the signal defect, there are rumors that there is a case cover for Iphone 4 that fixes the problem.

In the end, people still want to own the new Iphone. I know I am.

钟丽缇 - 性感女神

钟丽缇 简介

英文姓名:Chung, Christy
身高: 168 厘米
体重: 49 公斤
三围尺寸: 胸围 (36英寸) ; 腰围 (23英寸) ; 臀围 (36英寸)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron going to Miami

The long anticipated decision of the big-name free agents to the likes of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh came to light yesterday night. All three are headed to South Beach, Miami. While for fans of great basketball players, such an outcome may be exciting and fun, such is not so for the Cleveland fans.

Let's face it. Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavalier's owner, has given Lebron everything he wanted. The city of Cleveland has given Lebron all the love and attention he will never get elsewhere. Still, at the end of the day, all that matters is whether Lebron can become more than just the face of basketball and transform whatever individual success he has accomplished thus far into championships. If not, he has no legacy. If not, he is just another Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone and John Stockton - great players but not champions. Can you blame him for his decisions? I think not.

I am a huge fan of Lebron but there is a reason why Wade stands out over him in my mind. Wade is a winner, filled with determination, desire and a passion for the game. Despite what Lebron says, the game is just a tool for his fame and fortune, an ego boosting mechanism. Kobe haters find all sorts of excuses to put him down. Sure, he would not have won the last two championships without Pau Gasol. But there is no denying he is a hungry monster who will do anything to win. He will play through broken fingers, bad back and one healthy kidney if god forbid, there is a 1% chance he can contribute to win. Lebron may have more talent than everyone else, but his heart is still nowhere close to a champion.

So there was LeBron James, the MVP, the man of the hour, sitting in the middle of his own “Truman Show” on Thursday night. His personal network ran his commercials and celebrated his greatness and let him hijack a platform to build his brand and break hearts. It's the way he broke the news that has labeled him immature, a traitor and weakling.

He is still young, only 25. People will get over this betrayal if he can find a way to redeem himself as a serious basketball player.

Now that this is a fact, we need nicknames!! Here are a few really innovative ones.

1) K-F-C (King James + Flash + CB4)

2) Trio - 5 (305 is area code for Miami)

3) Cerberus (Three headed beast that guarded the gates of Hades)

4) Triple A

5) Tri-Force