Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Banquet

The banquet is held at Fairmont Pacific Rim which just opened in January. Many thanks to my dad who insisted on the place as it is beautiful (and of course very costly).

Once again, most of the ideas came from my sis, Silvia, and my wife, Sharon, who both came off as obssessive perfectionists when it came to wedding planning. Of course, they worked around the clock to give the wedding an identity and I confess, I am one of the most idle groom thanks to them (But apparently, guys are like that.....).

Manuel was gracious and kind enough to agree to be our MC even though the crowd required him to speak mandarin at parts. I contemplated whether to find him a nice, tall Chinese female host but decided against it as that may cramp up his loose and easy style. I personally thought that the small confusion at the introductions of special guests was cleverly covered up with wit (对不起,我是外国人。) . I take full responsibility for the screwup, after all, it is not an easy task for the MC when the rundown keeps changing every few minutes.

We had two music groups performing. First, the Eslite String Trip led by Ruth Huang performed for the reception. Then we have Luis and his gang from Music Vancouver to entertain during dinner. They were both amazing so I have heard from guests' reviews (I didn't have time to sit down and enjoy.)

There were many positive reviews, basically on how much things there were to do. In the reception area, which is opened all night, there are the photo booth, the candy table, the albums and the bar. If you stayed inside, then you could enjoy nice MVs, slides, music and food. In other words, we want you to have fun everywhere you go.

We have to thank Jennifer and Silvia, our coordinators for the event. Things would surely be a mess without them.

Last but not least, I want to thank Kent for taking such wonderful pictures and if I may just lament for a bit, we forgot to take enough family pictures at night!!

Wedding Ceremony

After going back to our place, we had a short photo session, family pictures mainly. Then we were onto the 2nd part of our wedding, the ceremony, which is held at our backyard. The whole setup was organized mainly by my sis, Silvia and Sharon.

Many thanks to Monica and Daniel for playing such wonderful music and Shota Shushi for well, their sushi. There are many more to thank, like Ms. Chen for her flower arrangements, Thomas Hobbs for their beautiful flowers and vases, so if I missed any, pardon me.

We got many praises for our chocolate fondue as well as the live butterfly release at the end of the ceremony. But I attribute a lot of it to good luck, as unreliable weather reports had us worried that it might rain. As the photos show, the weather was beautiful, it was perfect.

In actuality, we expected just about 30-50 guests, but so many of our friends took time off their busy schedules to make it, so it turned out close to 100 guests. I cannot express how touched I am to see all the familiar faces and to share my joy with them.

I guess it is now a signed and sealed deal - Married. At last.